richard hollandRichard Holland, Senpai currently holds a Black Belt 1st, Dan. Richard’s interest in martial arts in the late began 1970s won an Athletic Achievement Award in wrestling.  He kept active over the years with Tai Chi and took up karate in 1996.  He studied Chito Ryu, and Renshikan Shito Ryu and began studying Shotokan under Silvera in 2009. 

He has been fortunate enough to have attended seminars held by Sensei Mitchell German, past coach of the national Canadian Karate Team, Sensei Gary Sabean, Chito Ryu Soke Cup winner as well as seminars by Sensei Shane Higashi and the late O Sensei David Aktugawa. 

As well as practicing karate Richard holds a USA-NKF Judge’s License for kata and participates and judges in as many tournaments as possible.  He has also studied Aikido and Judo.


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