8th Dan in Karate-do
Katsumi Niikura, Sensei. Born in 1943, raised near the Atsugi Military Base in Japan. At the age of 12, began studying Karate and Judo. Trained Karate under Kanken Toyama Sensei as an Uchi-deshi (live-in student/apprentice) and received his 3rd Dan in 1963.

Niikura Sensei also practiced Aikido and Iaido. In 1973 he founded International Ryokukai Karate-do, a new karate style based on the best of what he had discovered through his study of a variety martial arts. In 1984 Niikura Sensei came to the USA and opened the honbu dojo of International Ryokukai in Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Throughout his life, Niikura Sensei worked intensively with Ki. He used it on the one hand as a healing method and also incorporated it into his martial arts training. In 2017, Niikura Sensei returned to Japan to intensify his ki work. But when he visits, he gives training classes, seminars and rank test. It is a wonderful blessing when Sensei visits, for the impact he has made in both America and Japan are truly humbling.

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Niikura Sensei also tell stories about his time with Toyama Sensei. 

Toyama Sensei’s students practiced their reverse punches on watermelons. All of the students punched through the watermelons. When Toyama Sensei demonstrated his reverse punch, the following happened: Toyama Sensei punched the watermelon but he didn’t punch through it. Some of the students were snickering to themselves that he was unable to puncture it.  Toyama Sensei had one of his students cut the watermelon in half and what they seen was pretty incredible. The watermelon was completely mangled inside. All of the students were amazed and couldn’t believe it. Their watermelons looked nothing like his.


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