We are having a GREAT experience at the Plymouth Silvera Karate Jutsu Dojo! Sensi Oscar was gracious enough to offer my 13 year old daughter a private free class. She instantly fell in love with the program and was eager to come back. I signed my 11 year old son up as well, they are approaching their yellow belt and have learned so much . They are learning Karate and self defense, they use props for weapons and equipment to spare in safety. They are being taught street smarts as well as your traditional training. How to handle being attacked suddenly, so far we have noticed our kids self esteem and confidence rise. We can’t thank Sensi Oscar enough and are so happy to have found this place! It’s definitely worth a try.. (adults train their as well!) Rachel, Plymouth MI 

A great place for my 6 year old to not only learn the fundamentals for Martial arts but also build some good foundations for other sports: flexibility, agility, strength, and most important, discipline. Sensei Oscar knows how to inspire his students and have them actively involved. Yuan, Plymouth MI 

We LOVE this Silvera Karate Academy! Our son started when he was just 4 years old and is doing AWESOME! Oscar Sensei teaches more than just Martial Arts he also teaches respect, discipline, strength and courage which are key components to a child’s development. We have seen great change in his behavior! The best part about this Academy is all the one on one time the sensei spends with each individual child to meet everyone’s individual needs! I highly suggest this Academy. Your child and/or yourself will get a great quality learning experience. Ashley G,  Westland MI

I have trained in Shotokan Karate for several years and a few other martial arts. I have had some very good Senseis and some not so good. In all my years I have never been taught to such a degree of understanding as I am now receiving from Sensei Oscar Silvera. His knowledge and understanding of the martial arts are way beyond anything that I have ever been taught and have ever seen. I wish I had been been schooled by him in my younger days but as a wise man said, It is never too late. John, Livonia MI 

Dear Sensei Oscar, My husband and I with my son has visited and observed some Karate classes (including Tae Kwon Do) around my place, closer than yours, and we found out that no instructor was as good as you, Oscar Sensei. We investigated a lot about if there are convenient location, reasonable tuition and good quality of practice (that is the most important), and we spend many hours before deciding what we should do here... My husband and I have no choice other than you as his Sensei to practice with considering with Karate technique even if the location is too faraway from us! And I would like to make sure that my son can be strong enough to wear a black belt during our 3 more years staying in U.S.! We are looking forward to see you soon. Mrs. Suzuki, Novi, MI 

Sensei Oscar and all of the instructors offer a wealth of expertise with everyone bringing something unique to the mix. This is a very friendly club and it is a pleasure to train there especially with so many times available for training.‎ Richard, Livonia MI

Nice, clean facility. Oscar is a great teacher and very friendly with everyone! My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves learning Karate! Diana, Dearborn MI 

My daughter and I train together here at Silvera Nippon Karate and really appreciate the personal attention given to each student. Sensei Oscar takes everyones development very seriously and personally. Training is always challenging and enjoyable. We will continue to train here for a long time!!! Paul, Livonia MI

Sensei Oscar and his staff are very thorough and provide a wide range of both technical and practical training. I am very impressed with the individual attention Sensei provides to all of his students. His goal is obviously to bring the student to the height of their own ability and does not try to fit everyone in the same mold. Rick, Livonia MI

Sensei Oscar and all the black-belt instructors that assist him are great teachers. You will get in shape, learn self-defense and also receive insights into the deeper meaning of traditional martial arts. It is also possible to train 6 days per week. The kicking class on Saturday morning is phenomenal, and so are the other days when different aspects of Shotokan Karate-do are emphasized. The place is great for kids as well as adults trying to get back into shape. Love this dojo. Dan, Livonia MI ‎



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39325 Plymouth Rd. Suite 104
Livonia, MI 48150
Wayne-Westland Salvation Army
(Gym - West side)

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